My season in hell is a play on Arthur Rimbaud’s poem using a single printing plate, varying the color palette from print to print to induce in the viewer the many moods I experienced when recovering from a traumatic accident under the influence of morphine. All 12 monoprints from cool blues to warmer tones are encapsulated in a pleated wire mesh to convey the caged state I felt. It presents best pinned to a 12 foot (3,6 m) wall. Another sculptural rendition of a book!  

My season in hell, 2012, 14 monoprints, 25” X 20” (63,5 cm X 51 cm), on Rives BFK including cover and prologue, encased in a single sheet of folded metal screen mesh.


Book is 25” x 22” X 3” (64 cm X 51 cm X 8 cm).