For this book I wanted an image that would explode in my hands. Blaise Pascal’s Le triangle arithmétique came to my attention. The simple drawing of his binomial algorithm provoked me to crease my paper in many triangles almost like an origami.


In keeping with a book format I put it into a sleeve cover imprinted with red triangles, the same ones on my folded paper.When pulled out of its sleeve the paper pops up in the hand. Le triangle arithmétique, Homage to B P, a popup book, became a very sculptural book. 


Le triangle arithmétique, a popup book, 2012, is made from a sheet of Rives BFK paper creased in many printed triangular shapes folded and enclosed in a paper sleeve cover, 11” x 5 1⁄4” x 1⁄2” (28 cm X 13,5 cm X 1,5 cm), with graphite drawing.


Out of the sleeve cover open and folded, it is standing, 11” x 10” X 10” (28 cm X 25,5 cm X 25 cm).