L'herbier du #10E

I am finishing my newest one of a kind artist book series, L'herbier du #10E, in 3 volumes.  The first volume assembles prints taken directly from herbs from my garden showing their shapes embossing the paper and their sap giving it color.  The next one shows herbs in lithographs.  The third and last one is all silk acquatint monoprints of herbs. 





Volume I Herbal prints

Persil                                        Aneth


Sauge                                     Romarin


Basilic                                     Menthe

Volume II Lithograhs

Thyme                                 Oregano 


Rosemary                              Hysop 


Sage                                   Taragon

Volume III Silk acquatint monoprints

Four printing plates, "Feuiiles du figuier", "Feuiiles du citronnier", "Lavande" and "Sauge", inked in many variations.  


Lavande           Lavande


 Lavande                Sauge


Sauge               Sauge


Feuiiles du citronnier     Feuiiles du citronnier