Toying with the idea of an alphabet book, I did not want to do an “A” for “apple” book, so I kept on searching for a more appealing way to do this “abc” book. Then I remember the Morse code I had learned as a child sailing the Mediterranean with my father before the days of navigation by instruments.  Stumbling on the last message officially sent in Morse code on 31 January 1997 by the French Navy, I found my title ABANDONED


With the format I wanted to convey the feel of the Morse code printed tape. To accommodate the memorable Save Our Souls and bear any semblance of a Morse code printed ribbon with all its dits (circles) and dats, the paper became a series of 3” (7,5 cm) by 30” (76 cm) ribbons bearing a letter each.


A combination of 95 unique monotypes of circles and dashes present the whole alphabet in miniature abstract landscapes. 


ABANDONED, the Morse code, an illustrated alphabet, the whole alphabet rendered in 95 monotype prints on Rives BFK paper.
Book is 11
1⁄2 “ by 31“ by 3⁄4“ (29 cm X 79 cm X 2 cm), 2011.
The book is formatted in long narrow strips to mimic the telegraph tape, 3 strips/letters per page, each strip 3” X 30” (7,5 cm X 76 cm).