Five one of a kind artist books and more coming.  Each, a unique one of a kind artist book.


I always wanted to make a book. In my first book, A Look at the world through a keyhole, I strived to present my view of news events in Tunisia, Egypt and Japan the winter 2011 in a series of small monotypes all bound together accordion style, 24 pages. From this book small enough to cradle in one’s hand, 7” by 5” (18 cm. X 13 cm.), I discovered the inner makings of a book all the way to the colophon.


The second book transposes on paper my emotional reaction to Mihri Hatun very inflamed love declaration. I had spotted the poem of this XV century Ottoman poetess on a billboard. Homage to M H, 22 pages 10” by 12” (26 cm. X 31 cm.), folded accordion style, show case a single burning red image, 15 feet (4,5 m) long.


Toying with the idea of an alphabet book, I did not want to do an “A” for “apple” book, so I kept on searching for a more appealing way to do this “abc” book. Then I remember the Morse code I had learned as a child sailing the Mediterranean with my father before the days of navigation by instruments. With the format I wanted to convey the feel of the Morse code printed tape. To accommodate the memorable Save Our Souls and bear any semblance of a Morse code printed ribbon with all its dits (circles) and dats, the paper became a series of 3” (7,5 cm) by 30” (76 cm) ribbons bearing a letter each. A combination of 95 unique monotypes of circles and dashes present the whole alphabet in miniature abstract landscapes. Stumbling on the last message officially sent in Morse code on 31 January 1997 by the French Navy, I found my title ABANDONED.


Now I wanted a more intricate form, an image that would explode in my hands. Blaise Pascal’s Le triangle arithmétique came to my attention. The simple drawing of his binomial algorithm provoked me to crease my paper in many triangles almost like an origami. In keeping with a book format I put it into a sleeve cover imprinted with red triangles as I had done on my folded paper. When pulled out of its sleeve the folded paper pops up in the hand. Le triangle arithmétique, a popup book, became a very sculptural book.


My season in hell, is a play on Arthur Rimbaud’s poem using a single printing plate, varying the color palette from print to print to induce in the viewer the many moods I experienced when recovering from a traumatic accident under the influence of morphine. All 12 monoprints from cool blues to warmer tones are encapsulated in a pleated wire mesh to convey the caged state I felt. It presents best pinned to a 12 foot (3,6 m) wall. Another sculptural rendition of a book!  


My newest venture is a book in three volumes inspired by the silk acquatint prints of L'herbier du #10E.  Why the French?  Because I think in French when I am thinking of food and cooking.